Sixty-third meeting of Microsoft .NET User Group Odesa

On February 11, 2021, Thursday at 19:00 the sixty-third meeting of Microsoft .NET User Group Odesa will take place!

The meeting will be held ONLINE.


Speaker: Alexander Demchuk, Fullstack Software Engineer, Provectus, Ukraine. 

Software Engineer with over 10 years experience in a variety of domains starting from low-level development for IP telephony and ending up with microservices-based applications in the fintech and movie industry. Last years exploring ML/AI doing researches on how to apply it to company culture creation.

Topic: How to measure relationships within the Company using .Net

The majority of companies are struggling with an issue of growth where they started from a handful group of people and reached 1000+ employees. In the case of small groups, the relationships remind family’s connections so everyone knows each other personally and the atmosphere is warm and charm whereas starting from 500+ to 1k keep it as family is tough and most of the companies come up with processes on one hand and culture on other. 

There ain’t no silver bullet on how to manage it and at the end of the day they are balancing working a lot about a good atmosphere in the company and setting up relationships between teams. The issue isn’t new however tools and approaches evolved a lot this is where .NET Core and ML.Net come in handy. 

These days AI/ML take over the world and bots as one of the implementations are already a part of our life therefore our enthusiastic team created a bot using the latest .NET Bot Framework v4 who helps managers to “measure” atmosphere in teams and crucial to socialize teams leveraging the power of ML.NET

We have limited seats, so watch your email for a confirmation. 

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