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Важлива новина! В п'ятницю 3 листопада в 18:30 в тімсі відбудеться 73 зустріч нашої групи! Буде супер доповідь та, як завжди спілкування після неї!

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Example of how to bring GenAI RAG architecture to production.

We are going to dive a bit into a world of Gen AI, get familiar with main concepts and in detail will look at RAG architecture as one of popular approaches in the field. I'm going to show you an example of a production ready web API application based on python library FastAPI that implements RAG architecture as well all software engineering best practices. We will currently touch hyped frameworks and technologies such as Llama-Index, Langchain and GPT, Microsoft Semantic Kernel. Im happy to answer all questions.

Alexander Demchuk, Solution Architect AWS/ Gen AI at Provectus