Sixty-first meeting of Microsoft .NET User Group Odesa

This year our group is 10 years old!

The first meeting took place on September 30, 2010.

Historical photos of the three organizers :)

Anton Vidishchev

Alex Tumanoff

Roman Kalita

In this anniversary year for us, we could not miss the meeting of our group! That's why:

On December 29, 2020 (next Tuesday :)) at 18:30 the sixty-first meeting of Microsoft .NET User Group Odesa will take place!

The meeting will be held ONLINE.



Speaker: Alex Tumanoff, co-organizer of Microsoft .NET User Group Odesa,  Microsoft Certified Professional

Topic: "What's new in C# 9.0"

In this speech, we will talk about new features that C# 9.0 brings us



Speaker: Stas Lebedenko is a speaker and author, an active member of Ukraine .NET/Azure communities and Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. He is driving solution architecture changes and writing code for Sigma Software.

Topic: "Introduction to cloud architecture patterns."

Patterns, patterns they're everywhere. We are structuring our solutions around them, being asked about them in interviews and see them in real life. 

This time we will talk about cloud architecture patterns like Valet Key, Load Levelling, Strangler, Gateway Aggregation/Routing, etc. And how they work in real life.

We have limited seats, so watch your email for a confirmation. 

Please fill the registration form under the cut:

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