Сорок шестая встреча Microsoft .NET User Group Одесса

2-го апреля 2017  года в 16:00 состоится  сорок шестая встреча Microsoft .NET User Group Одесса!

Адрес мероприятия: Одесса, улица Еврейская 3, Компьютерная Академия "Шаг", 3-й этаж, Конференц-зал №300

Компьютерная Академия "Шаг" (http://itstep.org), Одесская (http://www.usergroup.od.ua) .NET User Group

Спонсоры мероприятия, которые подготовили для участников приятные сюрпризы:  HYS Enterprise (http://www.hys-enterprise.com), Lohika (http://lohika.com.ua),
Ciklum (http://ciklum.net), Provectus (http://provectus.com), DataArt (http://www.dataart.com.ua), Sigma Software(http://sigma.software)

Программа мероприятия:

О докладчике:
Josh Gavant, TPM, Microsoft

Josh is an architect and Technical Program Manager for the Node.js runtime and diagnostics as part of Microsoft's JavaScript team. He is a Collaborator in the Node.js open source project, coordinates Node's Diagnostics Working Group and is a part of its Technical Steering Committee and several other working groups. Through collaboration with partners and customers as well as Microsoft teams from Azure and Windows to Visual Studio and Chakra, he strives to continuously improve the open Node.js platform and Microsoft's related offerings to meet the needs of all developers.

О докладах:

1)  How Diagnostics Work in Node.jsLooking to diagnose problems in your Node.js app? This used to mean "console.log" statements throughout your code and command-line step debuggers; but in response to demand for better tools, Node.js has introduced experimental interfaces like Inspector and Trace Controller to serve up more insight into Node.js programs. Better yet, these offer open, documented APIs which tools from simple shell scripts to fancy visual debuggers and trace viewers can build upon. In this session we'll describe these new interfaces and demonstrate how they power many tools for Node, from the simple built-in command-line debugger to Visual Studio Code and Chrome DevTools. Armed with this deeper understanding you'll be able to better utilize existing tools and perhaps even build some of your own.

2)  Building Node.js Together
JavaScript's simplicity, ubiquity, and event-driven paradigm, and its high performance runtimes like Microsoft's Chakra and Google's V8, have led it to spread beyond web pages and browsers to servers and clouds, IoT devices, mobile apps, and more via the Node.js platform. For years Microsoft has worked closely with industry and community partners to build and improve Node.js to meet developers' needs, from contributing Node's main system library years ago to driving better diagnostics today.

In this session, learn a bit about the history of Node.js, why developers are so interested in it, and what's coming next from Microsoft and the open source project to address Node developers' needs.

Участников встречи ожидает приятный сюрприз от компании JetBrains. 
Вход свободный. Для участия необходимо обязательно заполнить форму ниже (под катом). 

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